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new stuff… cool design

Posted in mac on August 7, 2007 - 20:53 by dkoder

Apple - iMac - Design - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2007072517)
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new iMac 


a library…

Posted in flickr, geek, mac on July 10, 2007 - 10:23 by dkoder

there are many libraries… but then there are the ‘good’ Libraries! ….

rickII @ flickr

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now we need to buy mercedes?

Posted in mac, tech on July 1, 2007 - 17:51 by dkoder

Apple Inc to Design Mercedes Navigation Systems:
GPS Magazine points to a German report (FOCUS automotive magazine) that Apple Inc has struck an exclusive deal with Mercedes to develop their in-car navigation systems. The Luxury car maker will have exclusivity to Apple’s design for the first 6 months, after which it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see these Apple Navs popping up in other Luxury brand names as well.

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it’s out there..

Posted in geek, mac, tech on June 29, 2007 - 01:40 by dkoder

anybody see one it yet? 🙂

Apple - iPhone - Activation & Sync - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2007051502)
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iphone… humour

Posted in geek, mac, ohh life on June 26, 2007 - 00:23 by dkoder


© nick anderson

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wire tango

Posted in geek, mac, ohh life, photo on June 24, 2007 - 22:28 by dkoder

i need to read this….

Unclutterer: 8 ways to cut back on computer cables:
When deciding to buy or upgrade a computer or peripheral, be sure to consider the number of additional cables the device will add to your workspace. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you reduce computer-related cable clutter:

wires under the un labeled desk…

> via lifehacker

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iphone by conan

Posted in mac, ohh life on June 6, 2007 - 17:43 by dkoder