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marcus and franco

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depois dos novos membros na magnum, chegou a vez da VII meter gente nova. marcus bleasdale e franco pagetti. mais trabalho dos srs na VII.

© marcus bleasdale / VII

Following this year’s VII Seminar in Pasadena, the members of VII met for two days to consider over 100 submissions for membership. Gary Knight, Chairman of VII, says, “We were honored to receive a record number of outstanding submissions for membership.”
According to its constitution, only 14 members can be in VII at any given time. The current membership is pleased to announce the election of two new members, Marcus Bleasdale and Franco Pagetti.

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anti rainy depressing day

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what does a magnum photographer look like?

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um post de peter marlow, ainda sobre a annual general meeting da magnum…. com um slideshow de pessoas curiosas e algumas famosas…

look! a magnum member’s bermudas below!

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good news…

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lisbon kissing

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lisbon kiss


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the times are a’ changing…
will be back with the latest news.