mea culpa

o futuro é negro… ou não? o texto é antigo, de maio, mas só o apanhei agora. é escrito na primeira pessoa, alguém que fala de si e do seu colega e amigo fotojornalista. e como este último poderá, no futuro, não ter lugar nos jornais que aí vêm…

para ler.

Andrew Brown: We all helped to speed the demise of professional photographers | Technology | The Guardian:
A talented, hardworking and lucky amateur can produce wonderful pictures on the best days. But that will be one picture in a hundred. A professional can produce something that is nearly as good as their best 50 times in a hundred. That’s why they are worth employing.
Perhaps none of these people could make a living as a photographer, but few want to. Any money they make is gravy for them – and bread taken from the mouths of professionals.

> via john nack on adobe

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