road trip: farmers and surfers:
for those of you who are in new york now, please join us for a drink and “hang time” at the Half King Bar, 505 west 23rd street this evening between 7-9pm….no event… just late afternoon light and a cold beer with joseph koudelka, alex webb, lise sarfati,paolo pellegrin, susan meiselas, alec soth , jonas bendikson, maya goded, trent park, larry towell, martine franck, etc etc etc …..pretty much the whole bunch of us…yes,me too….

so if anyone’s up for “refreshments” and nice talk with very interesting people, who happen to be also great photographers… well. show up. i wish i could… 🙂

by the way, ‘yes, me too’ is david alan harvey
tempting, huh? …

p.s. i’ll have to wait for david’s next stopover in lisbon…

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One Response to “invitation”

  1. Por acaso comentei esse post dele dizendo que ele nao pode andar a convidar o pessoal para aparecer em casa dele e para lanchar no cafe tal, quando ha gente da europa que o le e fica todo roido por nao poder dar lah um salto 😛

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