sobre fotojornalistas…

no Baltimore Sun, dezoito fotojornalistas fizeram greve, para protestar uma decisão da direcção em começar a pôr os jornalistas (redactores) a fotografar no lugar deles. a citação abaixo é brilhante. e verdade. aqui.

Dennis Dunleavy: Baltimore Photojournalists Challenge Corporate Policty:
Even though photojournalism has made enormous and important contribution to the newspaper industry, the field has never truly received the respect it deserves. One of the reasons for photojournalism remains in a vulnerable position on the food chain of the corporate media culture is the fact that we are a sentimentally literate society — we are a culture still clinging to the nostalgic idea that reading something in a newspaper has more veracity or merit than looking at news as images on the television or on the web.

*o itálico é meu
> via notes from a teacher

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