jpg vs raw

o horticultor aqui do lado, saudoso como eu desses tempos felizes de M6 a fazer reportagem enviou-me um ‘quote’ que resume muito simplesmente e de forma prática a vantagem do formato RAW contra o jpeg. sim, essa eterna questão… a propósito de um review da leica M8 digital, a citação abaixo

Leica M8 Review:
Obviously some people need JPG from time to time, such as photojournalists on a tight deadline who have to transmit breaking news images in real time. Or snapshooters taking pics of their cats. But frankly, the idea of throwing away all the data that the camera records other than a very narrow 8 bit segment, with white balance applied and sharpening and tonal corrections locked in forever is to me contrary to everything that creative photography is about. Thanks, but when I shot film I never burned my negatives after making a print, and I have no desire to do so with digital.

I couldn’t have said it better…

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2 Responses to “jpg vs raw”

  1. não diria melhor, nem mesmo arrancando a minha cabeça para pensar.

  2. Cá está alguém com os cinco alqueires bem medidos!

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