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amateur invasion everywhere!
next on my shopping list…. the cult of the amateur – andrew keen

review by the new york times here.

Digital utopians have heralded the dawn of an era in which Web 2.0 — distinguished by a new generation of participatory sites like and, which emphasize user-generated content, social networking and interactive sharing — ushers in the democratization of the world: more information, more perspectives, more opinions, more everything, and most of it without filters or fees. Yet as the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andrew Keen points out in his provocative new book, “The Cult of the Amateur,” Web 2.0 has a dark side as well.

the cult of the amateur

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it’s out there..

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anybody see one it yet? 🙂

Apple - iPhone - Activation & Sync - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2007051502)
Uploaded with Skitch!

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visual communicator 3

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another multimedia tool….

Adobe - Visual Communicator 3 - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2007051502)

Adobe – Visual Communicator 3:
Create newscast-quality video presentations
Visual Communicator provides a teleprompter, video creation capabilities, and an entire library of customizable graphics, effects, titles, music, and templates.

> via multimedia shooter

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prémio? não obrigado…

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na ausência de resultados, e por não terem atingido os objectivos a que se propuseram, a direcção da BBC decidiu novamente não aceitar os prémios (bonuses) que lhes forma dados…. há jornais que gostam tanto de seguir o exemplo dos outros em Inglaterra… não vou dizer o nome porque é Público 🙂

olha se a moda pega em Portugal? será? estamos muito longe desta atitude….

BBC chiefs turn down bonuses | Broadcast |
All the top BBC executives, including Mark Thompson, the director general, are to waive their bonuses this year.
This year’s annual report, to be published next Tuesday, July 3, will reveal they have turned down around £350,000 worth of incentive payments.

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iphone… humour

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© nick anderson

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wire tango

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i need to read this….

Unclutterer: 8 ways to cut back on computer cables:
When deciding to buy or upgrade a computer or peripheral, be sure to consider the number of additional cables the device will add to your workspace. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you reduce computer-related cable clutter:

wires under the un labeled desk…

> via lifehacker

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cat at the window

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cat at the window 01

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