ainda está em beta, mas foi lançado hoje. DayLife.
um ‘portal’ de notícias e análise, numa primeira visita lembra o newsvine.
Jeff Jarvis, que colaborou no desenvolvimento do site, explica melhor…

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Daylife dawns:
(…) The service gathers, analyzes, and organizes the news. That analysis will enable us to show news from a high altitude — who’s covering what, where — but also, even more important, it enables you to see the connections in stories among people and topics. Making those connections is what news is all about. Because it is a platform, it helps news sites put their own news in context and present the world of news to readers — which is what readers demand. And because it is a platform, Daylife helps news organizations distribute their relevant headlines and links into the tentacles of the web. We think this is a new way to experience the news, distribute news, and make connections in the news.

It’s a start — a beta — with much more to come. And so please make generous use of the feedback button on the site. (…)


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