saddam/fotografia – parte 2

update no post de ontem, sobre a fotografia de primeira página do guardian: o autor do video (e stills) da execução de saddam foi preso. a sua carreira no jornalismo foi curta. entretanto, o debate com os leitores (alguns são os mesmos que se queixaram no dia da publicação) continua aqui. muito interessante.

Saddam Hussein execution cameraman arrested | New media |
An Iraqi witness to Saddam Hussein’s hanging, who took mobile phone footage of the execution that was leaked on to the internet, has been arrested.

An advisor to the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, confirmed the arrest of the un-named person, according to the news agency Associated Press.

The crude video – which showed Hussein being mocked and taunted as he was led to the gallows – has been widely downloaded across the world after it was leaked onto file-sharing websites such as YouTube.

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