Ricoh GR firmware

caríssimos co-proprietários da menina ricoh GR façam favor de fazer o update às entranhas da camera. firmware novo aqui.

Ricoh GR Digital v2.21 Firmware Update:
Ricoh have released a new firmware version, 2.21, for the Ricoh GR Digital, an 8 megapixel compact digicam based on the GR Series of 35mm compact film cameras.
Fixed the phenomenon that a Quick Review will not appear properly at the following case.
When you take a picture with [RAW 3:2], with your setting in both [B & W] in the [IMG SET], and [N640] in the [RAW/JPEG SETTING].
Improved the AF accuracy in the macro shooting.

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3 Responses to “Ricoh GR firmware”

  1. olha… afinal tinha falhado este!

  2. olha q este tb tinha data de 27 de dezembro, por isso era mesmo mesmo muito fresquinho…

  3. soh hoje!

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