eu. you. nós.

time cover

na sempre badalada capa da última revista do ano, a Time escolhe o personagem do ano transacto.
person of the year 2006? eu. e todos os mac users! ok, ok, são todos os utilizadores da internet. o mundo está em mudança…

algumas das razões podem ser lidas neste artigo de capa.

And we are so ready for it. We’re ready to balance our diet of predigested news with raw feeds from Baghdad and Boston and Beijing. You can learn more about how Americans live just by looking at the backgrounds of YouTube videos—those rumpled bedrooms and toy-strewn basement rec rooms—than you could from 1,000 hours of network television.

And we didn’t just watch, we also worked. Like crazy. We made Facebook profiles and Second Life avatars and reviewed books at Amazon and recorded podcasts. We blogged about our candidates losing and wrote songs about getting dumped. We camcordered bombing runs and built open-source software.

e até fizeram uma photo à lá google para os fundadores do youtube, com direito a photo essay e tudo.

youtube time

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