a resposta ao pessimismo

em resposta ao post pessimista de gillmor, o pragmatismo de dunleavy neste post. parace-me mais equilibrado. alguém que comentou 😉 o post pessimista de há dias vai concerteza concordar com algumas ideia aqui expressas. e moi aussi. o sublinhado no excerto abaixo é da minha autoria.

Dennis Dunleavy: Photojournalism’s Future Leaves a lot to Consider:
In many cases, people don’t even notice compositional flubs such as a telephone pole growing out of a subject’s head. The average image consumer just looks through or over looks such annoyances. What the average image consumer sees is the center of focus, even with all the imperfections. At the same time, people aren’t idiots. People do recognize quality and photojournalism offers a lot of it. The conventions developed in photojournalism such as the decisive moment, framing, and layering have helped to make the craft into an art form, even in the eyes of the elite. The average image consumer, armed with a camera phone,will be hard pressed to replicate a picture made by a trained photojournalist. Unfortunately, the professional photojournalist is being outgunned in terms of the increasing numbers of people willing to send in images for publication.

> via notes from a teacher

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