joe rosenthal 1912-2006

mount suribachi, iwo jima. feb 23, 1945

joe rosenthal/associated press

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6 Responses to “joe rosenthal 1912-2006”

  1. Christian Brinck Says:

    Does anyone know if the picture Joe Rosenthal took at Iwo Jima was a set-up? I mean, did he ask the soldiers to put up the flag once more so that he could take the picture? And did he just took it, as they were setting it up?

    According to an article in USA Today, he was not present at the first flag raising, but the soldiers did put up a second flag, that was bigger.

    I’ve got a history book with pictures of each flag raising so I am confused. It could be two photograhers.

    But I just want to know as stated above: Did he ask the soldiers to put the flag up the second time or did the marines decide for themselves to put the flag up for the second time?

    And if you know anything what is your source to your piece of information? That’s important. The source gotta be credible.

  2. christian,

    there’s a lot of speculation whether the photo was staged or not. some say that he induced the marines to put up the flag, some even say that he asked them for another shot, this time with a bigger flag because the other was too small and didn’t look good.

    he kept his story till he died, saying that nothing was staged. who really knows about that. interesting though, how the issues on the credibility of news photography or photojournalism have been around in the news for a long time. so this kind of questions might seem to have rose recently (with the Lebanon Reuters picture) but are as old as photography itself.

    I just wanted to mark the disappearing of a great photojournalist in his time. nothing more. but I wonder about the too precise timing of the photo…

  3. Goncalo Santos Says:

    christian and dkoder,

    picking up dkoder last sentence “(…)I wonder about the too precise timing of the photo(…)”, isnĀ“t that the idea of our job? picking up the exact moment?

    what about capa soldier? was that fake too? or otherwise staged?

    We will never know about those facts (beaty of history, nothing is really precise), what whe know for a fact is what happened next in history, that leads to our present.

    Dkoder, I liked that topic where you connect Reuters recent events and this photo! Seems our job is always under suspition!

  4. Christian Brinck Says:

    Goncalo and dkoder,

    Well, it guess it’s natural that a photographers job is constantely under suspension. Some photos in the newspaper are a setup, some are not. And there have been some of examples of manipulation of photographs or manipulation of the circumstances around the pictures.

    Although, I’m sure that must photograhers are honest people, but there will always be a few who are not. And we must keep our guard up or we could be misinformed.

  5. Google Joe Rosenthal and read some of the articles.

    The Marine cameramen’s motion pictures confirm it was not a set up. Joe is, was the first to also mention that it was the second flag raising, so that one large enough to be seen anywhere on the island.

    The source of my information, Joe Rosenthal, at a family reunion in 1999, while talking to him about his photos and those of my father, another War Correspondent.

    Joe was very adimant that he was just in the right spot at the right time, but he was a great news phtographer, as the quality of the photo exemplifies.

  6. Brent,

    thanks for your comments and your educated opinion. you were privileged to meet someone like joe rosenthal in person. i do believe in his story firstly, because i’m a photojournalist myself. i never intended to accuse rosenthal of dishonesty.

    and lucky you, your father was a war correspondent, photographer?

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