flickr com aperture


mais uma coisita para utilizadores flickr que usem o aperture (o software da apple de fotografia profissional). é um automator workflow que faz o export das imagens directamente para a página no flickr. chama-se ‘headed for flickr’ é só fazer o download aqui e ler as indicações no link abaixo da sinopse.

If you’re an Aperture user who lives for Flickr, this Automator workflow might be useful. I can’t support it, and nor can I guarantee that it won’t chop up everything on your HD and feed it to the cat, but it works for me. Once it’s all set up, all you’re required to do is keyword the photos that you want sent to Flickr with ‘Flickr’ and run the workflow (you can even do it with Quicksilver!). Feel free to let me know via the comments if there’s any way I could make the actual setup more painless.

I Am Alert: Aperture » Flickr: Automator Workflow

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