the times they are a’ changin’

as easy as buying a snickers bar, or a coke. need a digital camera on the go? batteries? decided to finally make that cross Canada trip and need an mp3 player? swipe your credit card right there on the machine and leave with your goodies no sweat! no line-ups or nosy department store cashiers…

sony kiosk

So what will it be — a candy bar or a digital camera? With the installation of new souped-up automated kiosks in three shopping malls this week, Sony hopes to make the purchase of many of its electronics products as easy as buying a piece of chocolate.

On Screen, With Music, Sony Will Test Sales in Kiosks – New York Times

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2 Responses to “the times they are a’ changin’”

  1. me want, me want…

    mais uma coisa onde estamos muito atrasados.

  2. o quotidiano de alguns é de facto muito diferente… aqui vamos ter de esperar muito…

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